Author's excursions around Perm and its surroundings with a professional guide Maxim Sparrow and his team.
Walking tours, river walks country excursions to interesting places, master classes.
Walking tour along the embankment of Perm.
When and where was the first steamboat made? What role does the Kama-river play in the global economy? How are Perm University and the shipping company related? Where is the mouth of Yegoshikha? Why was Kurya shot up? The Kama and Kolchak.  Armored boats.  The Ural Railway and Perm River Station.
Master class on the kindling a samovar.
We heat a real samovar; treat you to tea, honey, jam, bagels! Did you know that the birthplace of the Russian samovar the Permian land is?! Come, we will tell you about it and drink tea from a real Kama samovar!
Walking tour around the historical center of Perm.
Under the direction of the founder of the Egoshikha copper smelter, captain-lieutenant of artillery, Vasily Nikitich Tatishchev, we will walk around the historical center of the city, see the first stone building of Perm, find out where in the city center an ancient man’s site was, in which pine forest bears live, what role the tram played in the unification of the city, where the "Sabre Dance" created was, where the only monument-grave in the very heart of the city located is. How can one interpret the geography of Perm through the prism of the works of Pasternak, Panova, Yuzefovich? Where did Sasha Grinevsky first see Scarlet Sails? How are Dostoevsky, Mandelstam, Ivan Semyonov and the Puppet Theater related?
Perm, in all its diversity: merchants and bourgeoisie, bohemia and the proletariat, employees and peasants. At the end of the tour, each participant is solemnly dedicated to Permyak, personally by Vasily Nikitich Tatishchev, and a Permyak passport is presented!
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