Room list

Standard room

There are 8 double rooms with one double bed in the hotel. Comfortable room with one bed. The total area of the room is 13-15 m.
Double occupancy room rate is 5 200 rubles per night.

You can book a room via e-mail,
telephone +7 (342) 212-2-212
or on the page in the window gap "Online booking".

4 300 rub.*

*for single occupancy

Complimentary breakfast. In case of early morning check-out we offer to our guests breakfast to take out
Free wireless Internet (Wi-Fi)
Digital TV
Air conditioner
Desk and chair
In double rooms there is a double bed (160x200 sm) and single rooms are equipped with single bed
Bed cabinets
Bathroom is equipped with shower unit/bath
Hair dryer
Set of towels
Personal-care products
Bathrobe and house shoes
To book a room
Call +7 (342) 212-2-212
Booking system
Book online